Monday, June 23, 2008

African Lion Safari: Once In A Lifetime Adventure

You may be quite appalled to know that the African lion is heading towards extinction. This king of the jungle and a symbol of strength are on the endangered list and a reason for this bad news is that many African nations are in a hurry to implement new technologies which is whittling away the habitat of the African lion which has brought both man and beast into conflict with one another.

Seeing The Mighty Beast In Action Will Be Awesome

Still, the African lion safari is something that attracts great number of tourists to Africa and so you may be interested in knowing the best destinations for your African lion safari. Seeing this mighty beast in flesh is certainly exciting, but viewing it in action is also worth your while. Being an animal given to snoozing all day this may cause you some amount of concern when you go on an African lion safari and there is no sign of the beast for a whole day.

The two topmost African lion safari destinations are no doubt the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. You can also find great viewing in South Africa's Kruger National Park, Botswana's many lion draws including Moremi Game Reserve that has great wildlife as well as spectacular landscape. Wherever you go, the African lion safari is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.

When you do embark on an African lion safari make sure that you engage the services of a professional guide who will ensure that you are safe during your trip. The lion is certainly a most deadly as well as revered creature and is cunning and ferocious that stands at the top of the food chain. You would be well advised to visit Botswana or Okavango Delta for your African lion safari where there are sure to be wild lions about.

Since the African lion safari has its associated dangers (in spite of the guide) you would be well advised to follow instructions to the T, and don't be one of those who insist on taking photographs when it is unsafe to do so. The guide is well acquainted with the habits of these beasts and you must wait for the green signal before proceeding any further.

The lion no doubt rules the roost wherever it may be and they will let you know of that immediately. It is thus in your best interests to take a guided African lion safari which will not only ensure your safety, but will also give you the most exciting adventure of your life.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Playing Cabelas African Safari

These days, there are video games that cater to every form of entertainment, high fantasy to sports, and even to simulation games. One unique genre that has developed of the years is that of the hunting game. Created to simulate an outdoor experience while in the comfort of your living room, these games give the fun of going after game that's repeatable and has no messy cleanup. The latest in this genre, Cabelas African Safari, does its best to take the action to a more exotic location, hunting game on the grasslands of Africa. But how does Cabelas African Safari stack up against other games in the genre?

Game Length

The amount of play that Cabelas African Safari is rather short compared to previous offerings in the Cabelas series of hunting games. The reason for this is that the game strays away from a full simulation experience, so instead of spending a lot of time in the game simulating the tracking and stalking of your quarry, you spend more time actually shooting at animals. While this pace might be fun and offer challenge for those who don't play many video games, the average gamer will finish this game faster than most.

The Animals

Cabelas African Safari boasts over 30 species native to Africa, which means the player gets to experience both variety and exotic animals in their hunting simulation. In addition to species like the gemsbok and impala, the game tries to reward players who finish the game by providing content that can be unlocked, in the form of a Big Five game hunt, in which you can simulate the hunting of dangerous animals like the leopard and rhino.

Graphics And Sound

The graphics in Cabelas African Safari are crisp and smooth, helping to provide a better experience than you'd get from older games with graphics that look more like muddy collections of pixels. The sound in this game tries to recreate the ambient noises of a real African safari, which can really add to the player's immersion in their simulated hunting experience. This game has been released on multiple consoles, but the most recent console released, such as the Xbox 360, will provide crisper graphics and sound than older systems, such as the PS2.

Should You Buy It?

The ultimate decision of whether to purchase Cabelas African Safari belongs to the person playing the game. If you have someone in your household that has interest in hunting or is a fan of the hunting game genre, this might be a great game to get. If your household video game fan is more into action-oriented games, he or she may find this game a little too easy for their tastes. Still, as far as games in the hunting genre goes, Cabelas African Safari offers a great experience for the hunting fan.